Age Gap Erotica

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The A–Z of Age Gap Erotica

He’s old enough to have raised her. She’s…old enough. Just.

What happens when the rugged allure
of an older man comes up against
the supple charm of a younger woman?

Exactly what you’d expect.
Fireworks, fantasy, and…all kinds of

Rough & Risky

In The Classroom is a sizzling quick read featuring raunchy, risky rough loving.

Rough & Risky: A Multi-Author
Alphabet Series

Good girls. Older men.
Risky rough loving.

Silver Belles

Experience isn’t only sexy on a man.

Young men the world over have long fantasized about older women. In these stories, they need wonder no more.

But can these young bucks survive their first cougar attack!?

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